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Most of the private clinic still uses paper record to keep their patient details such as payment, medicine information and patient visit record thus resulting problems regarding emergency registrations. Among these significant problems are registration efficiency, reliability of record storage and accuracy of patient information. As they keep paper record, it is inefficient for the staff to retrieve patient record when needed as it is hard to locate manually. As private clinic is a registered private firm providing medical service, this system can be implemented to add and keep patient records and manage appointments easily.

What Super Clinic Can Offer

Appointment Scheduler

The core of SuperClinic is known as the “Online Appointment Scheduler”. It contains a state-of-the-art appointment scheduler that is the envy of the industry. Its efficiency and ease of use makes the conventional way of booking appointments a thing of the past!

Patient Registration

A strong relationship with your patients is an important aspect of the system. For this we have added a module to add complete details of your patient for communication and building strong relations.

Patient Medical History

Keep all your data in one centralized system. SuperClinic has a place to record everything! SuperClinic intelligent design makes it easy to access detailed client data whenever you need it.


SuperClinic has a breakdown of screens to help you with our flexible reporting. It has predefined reporting screens to retrieve all the Financial information you need. This includes your Payments and Receipts. You can get a breakdown in any combination that you require!


The SuperClinic Automation module is an all-in-one clinic marketing and customer relationship management tool. This tool contains many automated tasks allowing you to communicate with patients.

Document Management

Save, print or email. Have SuperClinic store them for you in the ʻdocument historyʼ section of a patient where they will be readily available for you when you need them again.

Go Paperless

Looking for a way to go Paperless? Well SuperClinic is doing all that it can to help you achieve that goal!


In addition to the numerous reporting and analysis features already available and accessible through the dashboard, SuperClinic contains a multitude of summary and detail reports covering every facet of your clinic.


SuperClinic comes with security and auditing features allowing you to define Users, User Roles and Passwords. Different types of access rights may be given to every User Role.

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  • 10 October 2015

    Super Clinic Our new system to manage clinic appointments.



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